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Contact Officials to Demand Justice

Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Call (360)753-6200 or send an email

Hello, my name is ____

 I’ve been a citizen/resident of this (county, city, or state) for ___ months/ years. I care deeply about our community. We are long overdue to see Justice for Yvonne McDonald.  

As the attorney general please begin an external investigation immediately and or support the demand for an inquest from Yvonne McDonald’s family. Please conduct an independent review of Olympia Police officer Jordan Reicher, Sergeant Al Weining (OPD), Olympia Police Chief Aaron Jelcick, Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock, Former City Manager of Olympia Steve Hall, Medic One medic Quinn Gagnon and City of Olympia employee Henry Morales for the investigation and death of Yvonne McDonald. All have attempted to hide or destroy evidence and close the case. Yvonne McDonald did not cause her own injuries. There is a clear indication that she was struck by a vehicle despite the attempt to cover up the crime by police and others. Henry Morales has a more than extensive history as a city employee of negligence, wreckless driving, failing to report vehicle accidents, lying to his supervisors and was deemed incompetent to drive sweepers by City of Olympia Administrators and his supervisors many years prior to Yvonne McDonalds death. The city refuses to consider him a suspect and continues to endanger citizens by allowing this man to continue to operate a vehicle. First responders could have saved her life and rendered aid at the scene and rushed her to the hospital. Instead it took an hour to begin transport even though she was unconscious when they arrived. Reports are doctored by paramedics. 

The City Manager is spending more time trying to cover up her tragic death and will not return calls to family members. We cannot bring her back but we can still hold those responsible accountable and demand all those involved are prosecuted. Have a nice day and thank you for your commitment to public service.

Governor Jay Inslee

Call (360) 902-4111 (press 2 to leave comment) or send an email.

Olympia City Council & City Manager Jay Burney

Make public comment at a City Council Meeting, every Tuesday at 5:30. Advance registration is required. Click here to learn more and register.

Call 360.753.8447 (press 1) or send an email.

Bcc: Cselby@ci.olympia.wa.us, citycouncil@ci.olympia.wa.usjbateman@ci.olympia.wa.us, cgilman@ci.olympia.wa.us, lparshle@ci.olympia.wa.us, dmadrone@ci.olympia.wa.us, rrollins@ci.olympia.wa.us, jcooper@ci.olympia.wa.us

Subject: Justice 4 Yvonne McDonald/ External Investigation/Addressing Police Violence


I’m reaching out to express concern that the independent investigation by the city of Olympia into the circumstances surrounding Yvonne McDonald’s poorly investigated death in 2018 is not meeting the demands for justice for Yvonne. The demands from Black Leaders in Action and Solidarity Thurston and her FAMILY include an Independent investigation by the State Attorney General and/or FBI, and to place public employees Henry Morales, Quinn Gagnon and Jordan Reisher on unpaid leaving during the investigation due to their failure to respond to Ms. McDonald’s urgent need for assistance. The City of Olympia’s role in the negligent actions of its employees is very alarming. There is no way the family of Yvonne McDonald will have a chance at true justice as long as the City selects the investigating agency. Jay Burney has publicly made statements where he is misleading the public into believing that Yvonne’s family has agreed to him selecting a private attorney to “review” the investigative file. Her family demands that there be a criminal investigation conducted and that Henry Morales, Jordan Reicher and Quinn Gagon be thoroughly interrogated and investigated by a state or federal investigator. Others involved in the obvious cover up should also be focussed on.

Also, remove any photographs of Yvonne McDonald from any of your websites along with any other information about her personal life or family immediately.

In regards to victims of police violence, the City of Olympia has a history of inaction at best and outright aggression at worst. Because of this, there is no way the family of Yvonne McDonald will have a chance at true justice as long as the city of Olympia selects the investigating agency. There is no way there can be a legitimate investigation without being directly accountable to Yvonne’s surviving family members: her three sisters, her niece, Talauna Reed, and other family members.     

Communities across the country and across the globe are seeking healing for the ever-widening wound that racism and systemic violence represent. Please be the leaders we need now and meet the demands of Black community members seeking justice.


Note: The following numbers may try and redirect you, simply thank them for taking your public comment and redirecting you to to the appropriate agency

  • Sandra Bush, 360-704-2784, bushsl@co.thurston.wa.us
  • Executive office Susan Grisham – (360)753-8244
  • ALS agency -Olympia Fire Department (360)753-8348- press  0? ask to leave comment for the Fire Chief Mark John …
  • East Olympia Fire Station- (360)491-5533 -might try to dissuade from having a convo, be persistent that you are very concerned that Quinn Gagnon is still employed and as fire chief how will you respond?


I’m calling about the tragic death of Yvonne McDonald on August 7, 2018 and I’m not sure if you are familiar with the actions of your medics after they arrived to the scene where Ms. McDonald was unconscious, covered in bruises, cuts and scratches, suffering from severe head and abdominal trauma with internal bleeding so excessive that she died later that evening at the hospital. Your Lead paramedic Quinn Gagnon and his disregard for her life did not provide her with proper aid and failed to follow field protocols that day and played a significant role in her death. His reports were fabricated and he needs to be held accountable. 

Today I am calling to support the niece of Yvonne McDonald and her demand that he be placed on unpaid leave while he and all others who responded that day be investigated by a team of independent investigators.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Public Works 360-753-8333 (press 0) and email publicworks@ci.olympia.wa.us

Sarah Greene (supervisor of Henry Morales): (360) 753-8240 

Rich, director of public works: (360) 753-8495

I’m calling to leave a comment about employee Henry Morales, I’m asking for him to be recused from his role immediately, with unpaid leave while his involvement in the death of Yvonne McDonald is investigated. Given his history of dangerous and reckless driving, incompetence, negligence and his extensive disciplinary file I’m shocked he’s still employed, as a citizen that values safety this causes concern for me. 

Thank you and have a nice day.

Gary Warnock

cell (360)239-8190  office (360)867-2140

Hi there,

I’m a citizen of Olympia and I’m calling you today to ask you to resign immediately from your role as county coroner. You have consistently shown citizens that you are not someone who cares about the safety and health of our County. You have not performed your duties as Coroner with honesty and integrity. You are not the type of Leader we want or that families who have lost loved ones deserve. I support the family of Yvonne McDonald and demand that you resign today.

Thank you! Have a nice day.

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