For over two years the family of Yvonne McDonald has fought obstruction of justice from our elected public servants. Officer Jordan Reisher was the first officer on the scene and neglected to administer any type of potentially life saving aid to her, and lead paramedic Quinn Gagnon administered Narcan to Yvonne, who was a non drug user after he mistook dirt on her arms for track marks. It took Paramedics and police over an hour to begin to transport her to the hospital. When Yvonne was finally admitted into the hospital she arrived unconscious, hypothermic and had so much internal bleeding she had at least nine blood transfusions. The public servants who were complacent in the death of Yvonne and the elected officials who have only moved to obstruct the path to justice for Yvonne’s family must be recalled or terminated immediately and an independent investigation conducted immediately by a state or federal agency. 

We demand the immediate release of public records concerning Yvonne’s death including autopsy and supplemental reports and medical records to her niece, Talauna Reed and any other family members.

We demand an independent investigation by the Washington State Attorney General’s office or US Department of Justice into the cause of Yvonne McDonald’s death.

We demand an independent investigation by the AG office or US Department of Justice into the actions of law enforcement, first responders, city and county officials responding to Yvonne McDonald’s Death for obstructing Justice.

We demand that all parties involved be put on unpaid leave during the investigation noted above, including the first responders.

We demand that street sweeper Henry Morales be permanantly terminated as a city of Olympia employee and unable to draw any retirement or other benefits while being investigated.

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